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Inventory Management

Stockroom inventory, warehouse supplies, and Identify when resources are running low. Track item history through the entire lifecycle.

Track and control

Maintain your assets

View all your inventory by physical location, models, condition and more whether it is in one of your many warehouses or being rented at a customer location or being sent off to a 3rd party repair company.

Inventory management allows for tracking items with duplicate serial numbers, asset tags, control numbers, RFID, and manufactures.


Inventory under control

Add your custom SKUs with advanced specifications and customization. Add all your inventory whether it is a serial numbered device or a generic part.

Custom dashboards to view your top selling inventory and take action when inventory is running low.

Device detective

Helpful tools at your fingertips

Use the “Device Detective” to view all orders, invoices, service records, technicians, recalls and more from the serial number or model.