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Customer Portal

We’re expanding our customer portal to include exciting new features, like accessing all orders, service reports, maintenance schedules, invoices, and other medical device records. We’d love to maximize visibility for our users while minimizing the need for hands-on customer service.

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The entire EZBizPortal system was designed to enable companies to be better prepared for their ISO audits.

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Track asset locations, automate RMAs and shipping requests. Auto generate shipping labels directly in the portal with our FedEx integrations.

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Generate invoices for all your customers with a single click.

Create custom invoices for rentals, sales, services, purchases, transfers, refunds and exchanges by pulling all relevant orders and service tickets.

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Solve your reverse logistics by offering an automated RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) system directly on your website. Reduce unnecessary customer service calls and emails by offering our comprehensive returns forms whether you have your sales on your own ecommerce website, or online platforms like eBay, Etsy, or Shopify.

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