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Advanced Reporting

Create customized reports to get detailed insights into your company.

Identify problems and make improvements

Take action

Take early action to ensure highest quality products and services.

Identify the quality of items your vendors sell you.

Identify which items are your best sellers and renters.

Identify issues early on in case your customer’s company is blocking your emails or going to spam.

Taxes and analysis made easy

Reporting for duty

Generate custom tax reports.

Ensure you are collecting the appropriate sales tax based inventory or services performed in each state.

View reports on how often your shipping provider was able to make on-time deliveries.

View reports on all your external communications to view which of your customers are receiving and responding to your emails.


Make informed decisions

Analyze the sales trends throughout the year to identify and predict inventory demand.

Analyze your shipping expenses to optimize your cost by shipping provider, package size, and speed.

Analyze repair trends to ensure you have the appropriate qualified repair technicians scheduled.

Keep track

View all your assets

View all your inventory purchase and sale price along with their location and quality.

View warranty repair reports to identify potentially faulty products, parts, testing equipment or technicians.

View all items on rent, sold, exchanged or purchased by customer, SKU, or repairs.

View how many packages are expected at each of your facilities to ensure your shipping and receiving departments are appropriately staffed.

Accounting screenshot showing items