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Work Orders

Create custom records of work performed on devices such as repairs, preventative maintenance, calibration, upgrades and more.
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Easily create Work Orders from RMA

Automatically generate multiple work orders for your customers from their RMA or your internal inventory by the device’s serial number. 

Assign and track

The repair process doesn't have to be difficult

Easily assign a technician and a data entry specialist to a work order.


Track if the repair is a qualified warranty and apply applicable discounts.

Screenshot of work orders in service section

Intuitive Software

Designed with BioTechs in mind

  • Define check procedures for your devices that will automatically be added to work orders with associated devices. 
  • Add individual parts, kits, testing equipment, labor charges, check procedures, internal notes, device specification and other customizations to work orders.
  • Record test values and quality check results performed by each technician.

Get Paid

Create Invoices and Track Devices

Create itemized quotes or flat rate repairs to email to your customers and track if it is approved.

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Ticketing System

Utilize the custom ticketing system to assign an employee to take a further look at an order, invoice, device, or shipment complete with notes/communication logs, priorities, status, and resolutions.