Infrastructure and Security

We promise to never compromise when it comes to the infrastructure or security of your business. Learn more about how EzBizPortal priorities your data security today.


Securing your users

We utilize Azure’s artificial intelligence to detect any vulnerabilities and ensure your data is only accessed by those you designate.

Every company is provisioned their own dedicated Azure Active Directory tenant so you have complete control over your users.


  • Set custom rules, such as limiting the time and location that your users can login.
  • View sign-in and actions-taken records
  • Integrate your with your existing identity providers
  • Set up 2-factor authentication (2FA)
    • SMS
    • Phone Call
    • Email
    • Authentication App

Dedicated database

Securing your data

Every customer is provisioned their own dedicated database server on Azure. We have implemented strict firewalls that prevent any unauthorized users from accessing restricted data.


Azure security capabilities overview (external website)


Disaster Recovery

In the highly unlikely event of a disaster, we offer many solutions to ensure you’re still able to safely and securely access your data.

Your dedicated portal has a failover server that is always running and will kick in immediately if there are any issues or outages.

We are able to restore your data to a variety of points in time.

Regularly scheduled improvements

Quick Updates

We’re continuously improving our product and tightening our security.

You can expect regular updates with new and enhanced features. We publish these on a regular schedule and provide advanced notice of the new changes and any possible downtime.

In most cases, these updates are applied to your account in under 3 minutes once a month.

Scalability and redundancy

Data backups

When you sign up for EzBizPortal, you’re assigned a dedicated and isolated website and database to access your data. This means your data and access is duplicated and  secured in multiple data centers across the world.

We are able to offer a customized experience to ensure you have the fastest access to the resources you need the most.

Your data is continuously backed up in 5 min increments AND quarterly snapshots (retained for 1 year and 5 years respectively), so you never have to worry about losing any of your data.

Dedicated to your success

Customer Service

Every customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Representative that is responsible for maximizing their experience with EzBizPortal.

We strive to address all issues immediately, but we’re only human

99% of all issues are addressed on the same day.